Computer Support & Repair

On Site Repair
I am available to provide on-site support and repair if your device is not able to boot or access the internet, if hardware service is necessary, or if on site repair is simply your preference. I am primarily available on-site evenings and weekends, conveniently aligning to many people’s schedules.

While I am based in Washington, DC, I am available to travel for on site work anywhere in the DC metro area and visit southwestern Connecticut and northern Vermont on regular intervals. Depending on the size of the need, travel to other areas can be arranged.

Remote Support Services
Provided your device can turn on and access the internet, nearly all support can be accomplished remotely, using screen viewing and control software over the internet. While this is particularly relevant during the ongoing pandemic, there are many advantages to utilizing remote support:

  • Rapid resolution – typically on site support must be scheduled in advance, but remote support is usually available with little notice
  • Lower costs – Remote support avoids any travel costs, but can also significantly reduce the cost of repair. Many times during a repair, a lengthy process may need to run or a large file may need to be downloaded over a slow internet connection. In these cases, I can frequently work on other projects during this time and not bill for my time while the process completes.

Backup & Recovery

Proactive Backup Plans
The most reliable backup strategies adhere to the “3-2-1 Rule” – 3 copies of data (your original + 2 backups), on 2 different devices, with 1 copy being off site. The worst service calls I make are when someone has lost data due to not having a reliable backup plan in place. I can help put together an affordable and reliable backup strategy for your home or business, including on site and off-site backup options, as well as evaluating your existing backup strategy. For mission critical applications, I can recommend backup strategies such as having a hot standby or bootable backup to allow rapid recovery in the case of failure.

Data Recovery
If you have experienced an issue where you have potentially lost data, I can assess your options. In a best case scenario, I can assist with restoring your data from a backup. If your computer or device is not starting, data may still be recoverable by other means if the hard drive or storage device has not completely failed. I can assess whether data recovery is possible using conventional means, or whether your device needs to be sent to a data recovery specialist (a service that typically costs hundreds of dollars).

Small Business & Managed Services

Business Technology Planning, Deployment & Service
Deploying technology in a business environment brings its own challenges. If you are evaluating upgrading your business or office, I can provide recommendations, obtain hardware quotes, order equipment and execute an installation and migration plan. I can also coordinate any training you or your employees need and develop custom documentation and training if needed.

Managed Services
How often do you check.that backups are functioning correctly, antivirus software is operating properly and up to date, computers have the most recent security patches and any maintenance tasks on your servers have been completed? Many businesses opt to handle this type of activity through a managed service contract, where a technician connects remotely (or visits on site) on a regular basis to ensure that your technical systems are secure and functioning properly. Managed service contracts can also include a set number of additional support hours if desired.