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I generally bill all projects on a time and materials basis at $90 per hour. I am happy to provide a verbal or written estimate before the project begins and will consider fixed price estimates for certain projects as they are required.

My rates reflect that this is not my primary source of income. I have a full time job in addition to my technology consulting work, which means that I am unavailable during normal business hours, Monday to Friday. This works well for many homes and businesses where it is desirable to have technology work done outside of normal business hours, but I want to be clear that I have an obligation to my full time position ahead of my consulting work. My rates reflect this dynamic.

The benefit is that clients pay a rate significantly less than that of a full time professional with my experience, with the understanding that work typically occurs on evenings or weekends.
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In rare situations, emergency rates may be triggered. Please see the full emergency rates policy here.


Many tasks can be performed remotely, but when on-site work is required or preferred, travel costs pay apply. Generally for Washington, DC and some areas of Maryland immediately adjacent to NE DC, no travel costs apply. For further travel within the region, I can provide an estimate of travel costs, which account for my time and expenses traveling to a site.

For travel to other areas, actual travel costs via plane or train will be quoted upfront and included on the final invoice, along with a provision for my time. For clients with schedule flexibility, I can often arrange site visits during existing personal travel, which eliminates most costs for the client.


Many small businesses without dedicated IT personnel don’t have the resources to actively manage their systems. Do you regularly check that all backups are functioning? That computers on your network have current virus and malware protection and have received the latest updates? That employees have not downloaded applications that could pose a security risk to your network? I can handle these needs at a predictable, fixed cost through a managed service contract. Services are billed at an agreed upon fixed rate, which can also include a set number of monthly support hours if desired. Contact me to discuss your specific needs and obtain a quote.