Network Services

Network Design and Deployment

Residential: Is your WiFi not adequately covering your whole house? Frustrated with slow internet speeds? Not sure whether your issue is related to your internet provider or your home network? Before spending money on new equipment, give me a call for a recommendation. I can survey your home and make recommendations to maximize your network performance.

Small Business: Moving into a new office space and need recommendations on the best networking approach? Looking to deploy WiFi to your customers while keeping your internal network secure? Want to upgrade your network, or deploy IP telephone systems and IP video surveillance? I can design, plan, configure and install the equipment you need to keep your business connected and secure.

Network performance optimization and troubleshooting

Is your WiFi network not performing to expectations? Do you have a wired network, but traffic is moving slow? I can use diagnostic equipment to pinpoint causes of network congestion, including bad cabling, conflicting wireless network frequencies, and poor performance from internet service providers. After the cause has been determined, I can make multiple recommendations for ways to improve your speeds and connection reliability.

If your business is considering IP telephones, it is critical to ensure that your existing network cabling is functioning well to ensure consistent voice quality. Using cable verification equipment, I can conduct an assessment of your existing cable and replace any segments that fail tests.

Network cabling and infrastructure

Moving into a new space or upgrading your office? Doing home renovation work and want to run network cabling as part of the project? I can handle all low voltage cabling needs, including ethernet and coaxial cable - whether the project requires fishing through existing walls, or installation in conduits or above drop ceilings. Cleanups of existing networking racks are no issue.

After installation, you will receive a cable verification report that identifies each cable, its length and location, and a confirmation that that it has been verified to support traffic of 1 Gb/sec.

Installation of new racks or patch panels is also possible, including equipment recommendations, procurement and installation.