About Me

After growing up in Connecticut, I moved north to Burlington, Vermont, where I attended the University of Vermont and received a BA in Economics. Since graduating, I have worked full time in the sustainable transportation sector for several companies, mostly in roles that involve technology. Over the years I have worked as an independent computer consultant in a greater or lesser capacity as my full time work allows. I have lived in Washington, DC since 2014 where I've made my home in the northeastern neighborhood of Brookland. DC, Vermont and Connecticut all remain very close to my heart and I return regularly to visit.

My goal is to not just provide a "technology solution" - but to explain technical challenges in easy to comprehend language so that my clients understand their computers and devices better. I currently work full time for a major transportation provider, but offer technology consulting services in my free time at affordable rates.

Getting Started

I began working with computers in elementary school, when my father bought the family a Macintosh Performa 6200CD for Christmas when I was in the third grade (I still have it!). In the mid-90s, the internet was still becoming mainstream and dial-up was the norm. I remain very thankful that was I was able to experience a brief time before the internet was completely ubiquitous and have the perspective of how much has evolved in such a short period of time.

I became the family’s go-to resource when we were having technology trouble and in early middle school an opportunity came to tutor a gentleman who’s son had bought him his first computer. We spent many hours together, as I reviewed the basics of his PC and how to use common applications. It occurred to me that there was an opportunity to earn money doing this type of work and I set out to expand my business.

As time went on, I learned computer repair and networking and expanded the scope of my services. By the time that I departed for college, I had a number of computer clients in the area, a few of whom I still assist today.

Washington, DC

After five years in public transit, I moved to Washington in early 2014 to pursue a new full time job with a major intercity transportation provider. While I loved Vermont, the move was ultimately what I needed to get experience in a far larger organization. I initially entered a role that put my economics degree to good use and now work in loyalty marketing, where I build great customer experiences for my employer's loyalty program members through our website, mobile app and other customer facing touchpoints.

While I limited the growth of my computer consulting services the last few years (instead managing an eBay/Amazon business in my free time), I’ve recently begun expanding my consulting work once again.